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We at Boutique 2e Look believe it is important to give you, our associate our undivided attention when you chose to bring us your cherished items. That is why we chose to operate by appointment.  To book an appointment simply call us at 506-384-4757 or send us an e-mail at . We also encourage first time associates to drop in to our store at 321 St. George St. Moncton, New Brunswick CA. to meet our team and get a firsthand view of what we carry.

Appointment seasons

  • Spring/Summer (Feb-April)
  • Fall/Winter (August-Nov)

Selection process

During your appointment our fashion expert will inspect your items to ensure they are a good fit for our store and return to you any items that were not chosen.  We will then examine the condition, inquire into the brand value and investigate the authenticity of your items to determine the appropriate price point. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with a detailed list of items selected including the start date, the consignment period, the suggested price and the commission rate.

Note that the fashion expert makes the final decision on what Items will be presented on the B2L’s virtual platform.

Commission Rates

Your Commission on Items priced at

  • $250 or greater, the commission rate will be 50%
  • Items under $250, the commission rate will be 40%

Consignment Period and sales

Your items will be made available for sale for a period of 90 days or to the end of the season for seasonal items.  (ie. Summer items are removed by the end of August). Any items that hasn’t been sold, after the sale period, will be removed from our virtual platform and prepared for the consignee to pick-up.

  • 30 days following the start date the suggested price will be reduced by 20%
  • 60 days following the start date the suggested price will be reduced by 40%

The price of the items presented our virtual platform will be 10% more that the price in your contract. This addition to the initial price is to cover the shipping costs of the items.

The items in your contract is priced before taxes. Therefore, your commission is based on the price presented in the contract.

Due to the high number of products and consignees, we cannot guarantee that your items will be featured in our social media platforms.

Commission Payment

At the end of the consignment period you will be entitled to a commission payment based on the actual sale price and the applicable commission rate.  Payment will be initiated upon your request. 

Privacy Policy

Boutique 2e Looks is responsible and committed to protect your privacy. Any information provided for our written agreement will remain private and solely used for the process of consignment (commission, items, and contact information).